A Surprising "Donation"

How exciting to see God’s hand at work, especially when you least expect it. 

In the last month of 2012, God provided unexpected financial donations from four individuals wanting to invest in our vision for The Lavender Pavilion.  [See my post from September 30].  We have not even established a non-profit organization yet, we only have shared our vision.  Yet God prompted people to contribute.  We were amazed and excited and even humbled.  These generous gifts were yet another sign from the Lord which confirmed that this vision truly is from Him.

In my earlier post, I showed a couple of pictures of our first purchases for the prayer garden we plan to create.  However, because of other demands on our time, we've not finished clearing and preparing the ground...so the Japanese Maples are still in their pots.   
But yesterday, Bruce excitedly called me and Rachel outside.  There - in the middle of the pasture (which will become the prayer garden) - was one growing plant.  A purple plant.  Isolated and alone...but beautifully flowering. 

And we did not put it into the ground. 

This is our third spring in the house, and this plant never has grown here before.   This part of the pasture previously was filled with weeds, wild grass, and wild blackberries...all of which we slowly have been clearing.  How did this plant get here?  Did an animal carry a seed to this spot and drop it?  Did God Himself put this particular flower into this particular place? 

We do not know.  We only know that this previously was pastureland, not a garden.  There are no other flowers planted here. 

So whatever the explanation - whether the Lord used natural means or supernatural means - we have no doubt that this was His doing.  He chose to provide us with an amazing and exciting gift.  

We see this as yet another sign - a very powerful sign - that the vision we have is from God.  And to give us hope and confidence, our gracious Father planted the very first flower Himself...and He chose one with lavender colors.  (It's a purplish-blue flower, and my camera makes it look a bit more blue than it actually is.) 

As we stood in the middle of the pasture, Bruce called it "holy ground".  I believe it is.  And I believe it will be, as we slowly...faithfully... patiently...fulfill the vision that God has given us for the ministry of The Lavender Pavilion. 

- Julie