The Garden is Open

We’ve written several times about the evolving vision for a prayer garden called The Lavender Pavilion. Since our move here to Oregon, we’ve slowly been developing this garden on a 1/3-acre strip of our property. (If you want to read the whole story, click “Lavender Pavilion” under the Labels heading on the sidebar).

The centerpiece of the garden is a prayer path (labyrinth) that we completed this summer. Our goal was to use all natural materials and to employ a somewhat classical design. After much research, we chose a 7-circuit, neo-medieval plan, and we laid it out on 40’-diameter circle. To walk into the center and out again is a trip of roughly 1000’.  

We hauled many loads of crushed gravel to use for the base (about 9 tons) and then used four types of rock to create the labyrinth:

** Rainbow rock (2 tons) of various colors, sizes, and shapes line the pathways that lead people to the center.

** Rainbow pebbles fill the open spaces at intersections and add color.

** 5 mini basalt columns in the center catch the eye and point upward to heaven.
** White marble chips surround the basalt columns to create contrast and add beauty.

Laying down the path was quite a task. It’s not easy to place rocks in circles and keep the curves lined up! We had to print out a pattern, create a template, carefully measure and lay out “marker rocks” at key quadrants and intersections, then place everything by hand. (And, of course, continually measure and adjust along the way). 

Afterward, we then installed two non-natural (man-made) items: an arched and open gateway to welcome people in, and a decorative mailbox. The mailbox is one of two in the garden at the moment.

We use these mailboxes for two reasons. First, they are attractive and add a nice design element to the garden. Second, they are a practical – and weatherproof – place to hold information and instructions for those who visit.
We have a second arch and mailbox at the main entrance to the Garden.

When we finished the labyrinth, Julie invited a number of friends over for a time of dedication and prayer.  

There still is much work to be done, because the Lavender Pavilion always will be a work in progress. But it now is officially “open” on Mondays and Thursdays, during daylight hours.

We welcome friends, neighbors and family members to stop by to pray,to reflect, and to take a break from the hurried nature of life.

-       Bruce & Julie